By submitting any photo or information to Norma Blaque Studios, you hereby grant to Norma Blaque Studios and its affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees and assigns, an irrevocable, perpetual and royalty-free right to use, reproduce, edit, display, transmit, prepare derivative works of, modify, publish and otherwise make use of the submitted photo or other information in any and all media, whether now known or hereinafter created, throughout the world and for any purpose. In addition to other things, the rights granted to Norma Blaque Studios includes but is not limited to the right to resize, crop, censor, compress, edit, feature, caption, affix logos to, and to otherwise alter or make use of the submitted photo or information;

By submitting any photo or information to Norma Blaque Studios, you hereby represent and warrant that the submitted photo or information does not and shall not infringe on any copyright, any rights of privacy or publicity of any person, or any other right of any third party, and you have the right to grant any and all rights and licenses granted to Norma Blaque Studios herein, including but not limited to all necessary rights under copyright, free and clear of any claims or encumbrances;

You acknowledge and agree that Norma Blaque Studios shall have no obligation to post, display or otherwise make publicly available any photo or information submitted by you, and may, in its sole and unfettered discretion, remove, edit, modify or delete any photo or information that you submit to Norma Blaque Studios;

You understand and intend that any photo or information submitted by you to Norma Blaque Studios may be available for viewing, rating, review and comment on by the public, and understand that comments or ratings with which you disagree or are unhappy about may be published or otherwise become associated with any photo or information you submit to Norma Blaque Studios. By submitting any photo or information to Norma Blaque Studios, you hereby waive any privacy expectations that you may have with respect to any such photo or information submitted by you to Norma Blaque Studios.

You hereby agree to hold Norma Blaque Studios and its affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees sponsors and assigns harmless from and against, and hereby waive any right to pursue, any claims of any nature arising in connection with the inclusion in, publication via or display on any Norma Blaque Studios site, or any other use authorized under these Terms, of any photo or information submitted to Norma Blaque Studios by you;

Photos or information submitted by you to the Site shall be the property of Norma Blaque Studios, and Norma Blaque Studios shall have no obligation to preserve, return or otherwise make available to you or others any photos or information so submitted.


Winners are solely responsible for all taxes and/or fees that may be incurred. All cash winners are required to verify proper and legal picture identification and Social Security number within 30 days of notification of winning the cash prize. Winner may forfeit any and all cash winnings if verification cannot or has not been made within 30 days. Upon proper verification, cash winnings will be awarded by check, and mailed to winner’s mailing address within seven (7) business days.

Each prizewinner must supply Norma Blaque Studios with his/her legal name, mailing address, birth date, daytime and nighttime telephone numbers. In the case of a cash winner, winner must also supply social security number.

Winners may not request substitutions of prize winnings. All winners are solely responsible for any and all taxes and/or fees, and all such additional costs that may be incurred.

Neither Norma Blaque Studios, the Norma Blaque Studios sponsors, nor employees of Norma Blaque Studios or sponsors may be held liable for any warranty, costs, damage, injury, or any other claims incurred as a result of usage of any winners of a prize once possession has been taken of the product by winner. Norma Blaque Studios is not liable for any loss arising out of or in connection with or resulting from any contest promoted by Norma Blaque Studios.

If the specified prize becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, Norma Blaque Studios may substitute a prize of like or equal value.

Management, employees and families of Norma Blaque Studios are prohibited from winning any prizes awarded by The House of Hair.


We may from time to time update this policy. We will post any changes to our policy on this page so that you are always aware of what our current contest rules are. Norma Blaque Studios reserves the right to alter any rules of any contest at anytime. If you have any questions or complaints about Norma Blaque Studios contest rules, please contact rules@

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1.    No purchase is necessary to win. 

2.    The contest entry period will begin Monday, July 17, 2017  and ends at 6pm (pacific standard), October 11, 2017. 

3.    Either hair or make up artist MUST be US cosmetology licensed for PRO or a student registered at any school of beauty (hair or make up)

4.    Contestants MUST register on-line

5.    Complete the online entry/registration form by submitting the Entrant’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

6.    Shoo your work.

7.    Email us 3 photos to

               Submit three (3) photograph of your model, and only your model (no other people), in either the “.jpeg” or “.jpg” file format (no other formats 

               will be accepted).  One photo of front, one photo of back and one photo of side of model.

8.    Any contestant can enter more than once but a separate entry form and payment must be made for each entry

9.    There is NO age limit!

10.  Finalists will be announced on October 15, 2017 at approx. 8PM and will be invited to attend our red carpet event.

11.  On October 22, 2017 the finalists will recreate their look and attend our red carpet event for final judging.

12.  The winners (1 student and 1 PRO) will be announced the evening of October 22th where they will be awarded their gifts and prizes.

13.   Photos submitted

     Entrant represents and warrants that he/she own the rights to, or has obtained permission to use, the photo submitted with the entry. 
•    Entrant represents and warrants that he/she authorizes Norma BLAQUE Studios to post the photo on Norma BLAQU Studios  website or social network sites or use the photo in any other way Norma BLAQUE Studios sees fit.
•    Entrant agrees and acknowledges that Norma BLAQUE Studios, all contest sponsors, and their respective affiliates, parents, employees, agents and all other related sponsors: may use the Entrant’s name, image, photo submission, other entry materials and/or biographical information for advertising and/or promotional purposes on radio, TV broadcasts, in the newspaper, on websites and/or any other medium in connection with participation in this contest or otherwise without the payment of any additional compensation.
•    Entrant understands and agrees that Norma BLAQUE shall be the sole and exclusive owner of the photo submitted, whether or not the photo is selected as a winner, and entrant agrees to sign any documents requested by Norma BLAQUE to evidence such transfer of ownership.
•    By submitting a photo in our contest, entrant agrees to indemnify Norma BLAQUE should any representations and warranties made by entrant herein or in the applicable contest rules prove to be false or inaccurate.

•    Entrant acknowledges and agrees that the contest rules are available to him/her at that he/she has had an opportunity to review them before entering this contest, and agrees to be legally bound by the contest rules.  

14. Photo requirements: 
a.    For purposes of this contest, the terms "photo" or "photograph" may be used interchangeably to include, but not be limited to the inclusion of, any image that may be produced by an analog or digital camera, by an optical image scanner (or simply, "scanner"), by means of a "screen dump," "screen capture," "screenshot," or "screengrab," and/or by the digital manipulation of one or multiple photographs such as may be achieved using image editing software (i.e., a collage, montage, etc…). 
b.    The photo must be uploaded in either the ".jpeg" or ".jpg" file format (no other formats will be accepted), using the method described in Section 7 above.
c.    Photo entries must not contain or depict any registered trade/servicemark or other copyrighted material other than those owned or licensed by the Entrant, or Norma BLAQUE, or a Contest Sponsor.  The foregoing is not intended to require Norma BLAQUE studios to disqualify entrants who, in Norma BLAQUE's sole discretion, appear to be innocently wearing clothing or are in areas that just happen to contain third party logos or marks.  Further, Norma BLAQUE may, but is not obligated to pixilate/cover any trademarks/servicemarks/copyrighted materials in Norma BLAQUE's sole discretion.

14.  By entering this contest, Entrants understand and agree that Station may elect to use any entry submitted for entertainment purposes on-air and may choose to comment on, mock, poke fun at, and/or mimic any entry submitted.  Entrants waive any right to make any claim against Station or any contest sponsors with respect to any comments - disparaging or otherwise - made on-air regarding such Entrant’s entry.  

15.  Photograph entries must not contain any indecency, profanity or obscenity as determined by Norma BLAQUE in its sole discretion. Photograph entries must not contain or depict any registered trade/servicemark or other copyrighted material other than those owned or licensed by the entrant, Norma BLAQUE, or a Contest Sponsor.  BY ENTERING THIS CONTEST AND SUBMITTING PHOTOGRAPH, THE ENTRANT IS REPRESENTING TO Norma BLAQUETHAT THE USE AND DISTRIBUTION OF SUCH PHOTOGRAPH WILL NOT VIOLATE OR INFRINGE UPON THE RIGHTS OF ANY THIRD PARTY, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, COPYRIGHTS OF OTHERS.  By submitting a photo, Entrants agree to indemnify Station should any representations and warranties in these contest rules prove to be false or inaccurate.

1.    The Grand Prize Winner will be determined in the following manner:
a.    As photos come in, Norma BLAQUE will post photos of all eligible entries online on the studios Instagram page. Followers will then be able to vote for their favorite image from among all photo entries posted.  On October 14th, 2017 at 12 noon we count the number of likes from our followers.  


15.    On October 22, 2017 Norma BLAQUE and judges will select the potential grand prize winner from among the Finalists, based on evaluation of the submitted photo (in their subjective opinion) and/or any other any lawful criteria Norma BLAQUE and judges deem desirable, subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with these contest rules. Norma BLAQUE'S judges may take the number of votes received into consideration (but is not obligated to) but voting will not be the only determining factor in the selection of the winner.  

16.    On October 22, 2017. The potential grand prize winner MUST be present to win. Should the potential grand prize winner not meet the eligibility requirements or is disqualified for any other reason, an alternate grand prize winner may be selected by Norma BLAQUE, but in the event such alternate grand prize winner does not meet eligibility requirements or is disqualified, no grand prize will be awarded in this Contest. 






Official Rules
For The BLAQUE Beauty Hair and make up contest